Picture this, a few members get together in someone's garage! The year 1969, the reason they want to revel in their new found freedom: "The Snowmobile".  Now hunters, outdoorsmen, and loggers have a new way to give them access to the great outdoors.
From these humble beginnings, a dream, vision and countless hours and years of dedicated service later, the modern snowmobile club has evolved.
Today we have 140 plus miles of well maintained trails, an extensive fleet of grooming machines and a very capable volunteer staff of workers. Our club offers a full modern clubhouse facility and boasts the largest membership in NYS. We have land holdings of 100+ acres, a grass and snow racetrack, the largest Poker Run in the area and a legal gambling license.
Our vision for the future is to keep a open line of communication with our landowners, with whom we owe a great debt. We also want to foster our cause  by being involved in the decision making process by our state officials. We plan on making our sport safer through educational programs, and have plans to start our own snowmobile patrol for safety. 
Come and enjoy an outing  at one of NYS finest snowmobile clubs, where old friends meet, Salisbury Ridgerunners.

Frank Boepple
President 2000-2011